Trevor Powers is a genius. Not many people have heard his words just yet but he is the boy behind Youth Lagoon. Signed to Fat Possum records the up and coming music project is solely fronted by the sensitive Mr. Powers. At the young age of 22 he has crafted the album ‘The Year of Hibernation’, which I personally cannot get enough of. Using most of last year to helm the album, Trevor has come up with such a striking and beautiful record. His delicate vocals are layed over eerie drum machines and dreamlike melodies to put the listener at ease. In one of my favorite songs off the record, the song ‘Seventeen’ there is a slow build up and and then the beat drops unexpectedly halfway through, it is this kind of song structure that really captivates. Its almost as if Youth Lagoon puts you in a trance only to bring you back out and you realize you’ve been dancing the whole time. There is almost a nostalgic feel all throughout. Trevor has said that he made the album to deal with anxieties and to sing about things that he normally could not talk about. Upon first listen the music and almost far away vocals seem like an easy listen but its when you let the album sink in that you get what Trevor is really talking about. With songs about life, love, and heartbreak, The Year of Hibernation deals with serious topics that we can all relate to as human beings. Youth Lagoon was recently in L.A. but I did not have the pleasure of catching the show, it was sold out before I had the chance. If and when you he comes to a town near you I highly recommend witnessing this engaging musical act, in the meantime, please do yourself a favor and check out ‘The Year of Hibernation” and enjoy the journey, you wont be disappointed.

xx G