Welcome to The Manifold’s second installment of #WorldWeek a project we’re attempting to bring every month spotlighting 12 awesome and underrated places across the globe.  The Philippines isn’t perhaps high on your radar as places to go but here’s why it’s great for Americans.  Our dollar stretches, the folks are friendly, and the sights are beautiful.  Need we say more?  Sure there are some different customs but here are a few fun facts so you can get to know it better…

All photos courtesy of Terra Wight.






The Philippines is made up of 7,107 islands, totaling about 300,000 sq. km. (117,187 sq. mi.)

Philippines boasts of a coastline of 36,289 kilometers. It ranks fifth in the world for the longest coastline.

Karaoke was invented in the Philippines and not Japan. It was invented by Roberto Del Rosario and was called “Sing along with the system”.  Later, the word karaoke came from Japanese meaning “Singing without accompaniment”.




So you thought it was Brazil or Hawaii??  NOPE.  The Philippines is the largest producer of coconuts. YO! you need to get on that Coconut water bandwagon, Flips!

It is said that the Philippines stand as the third in the list of English speaking nations of the world.

The Philippines is the only Christian nation in Asia.




The nation got its ‘Philippines’ name after King Philip II of Spain.  Ferdinand Magellan claimed the Philippines for Spain in 1521.

Manila, the Philippine capital, is the world’s most densely populated city in the world. With a population of 1,660,714 and an area of 14 square miles.  That’s 111,002 people per square mile.  Can you imagine?  To make a U.S. comparison, New York City’s population density is just under 30k per square mile

Tribes Tianjin and Integ, living in the mountainous areas of the northern Philippines, kiss each other in a special way. They advance lips together and quickly inhaled. (Whoa… cool!)


The fluorescent lamp was invented by Agapito Flores Filipino scientists from the island of Cebu.

The Philippines gained independence in 1946. It was the first Southeast Asian country to gain independence after World War II.




Three of the worlds’ top ten largest malls are located in the Philippines.  SM City North EDSA in Quezon Citywith has an area of  4.74 million sq ft which is a similar square footage of the factory site responsible for assembling Boeing airplanes in Washington state.  Think about that for a second.  A mall that rivals a airplane assembling factory.

The world’s largest high school in terms of student population is Rizal High School in Caniogan, Pasig City.  The school has more than 20,000 students. Graduation rites are conducted 5 times and that means the class valedictorian has to deliver his/her valedictory address 5 different times.

There are the world’s deepest ocean trenches, at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Mindanao Trench, which is near the Philippines, reaches a depth of six and a half miles.