For a rare glimpse into culture and streets, emotion, and life in general, we are so glad we found photographer Kurt Kamka for this month’s World Week in The Philippines.  His work is so beautiful, reflective of the people, and a real capture for the human condition.  From his strong use of black and white photography to the even more playful shots in color, Kamka really has a knack for making you see through his filter and be connected to it somehow.  Scrolling through his photos, each shot hold water, each shot is wonderful in it’s own way.  I strive to shoot like he does.  I am inspired by his work and I hope you get a rise out of it too.L1001409bw1500 L1063194bw1500 L1061797bw1500 L1059836bw1500 L1056172bw1500 L1010086bw1500 L1007460bw1500

Kamka’s website walks you through as he calls it, “the art of making visual connections”.  And that’s exactly what he’s done with each shot.


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Kamka offered his first workshop this past May specializing in connecting with subjects and street observing.  Here’s an excerpt from his explanation of the workshop.


Again, with an early start, we’ll have an opportunity to photograph in some of the best light of the day. As we travel to several different locations, attendees will gain a further understanding of and embrace an immersive style of photography that teaches them how to better connect with their subjects in unfamiliar settings.

We’ll return to the workshop venue for lunch and conversation. 

During a comprehensive and engaging afternoon session, attendees will work on a final photographic essay that will be presented to the group. Each attendee will be provided with the coaching, critique and encouragement necessary to develop a presentation and further their individual creative vision.