(stolen from her Tumblr page with permission)


Nice to meet you! My name is Sirin, and as you’ve probably gathered, I love to draw and paint. Here you’ll find news, updates, glimpses of current projects, as well as my silly personal doodles (which I publish regularly here once, sometimes twice, a week).

My current pet project is  ” I Stole this From you ” — a collection of reader-submitted stories which I translate into hand-rendered drawings and accompanying texts.

All of my work is done by hand on paper. I usually start by sketching in pencil, sometimes ink. Then I paint everything in with gouache. I also often use touches of crayon, colored pencil, marker, and acrylic, to add another dimension to my work.












Other random facts about me: I was born and raised in Baltimore, and currently reside in Brooklyn; my lovely parents are from Thailand, and I have one awesome younger brother named Guy; when I’m not busy drawing, I love going on rock climbing adventures; This American Life and Radiolab rule my world; I adore salted caramel macarons; and, I put Sriracha hot sauce on just about everything. Except macarons.

As always, a big mushy sloppy kiss and merci for stopping by, spreading the love and supporting my work. Yes, that means you — first and foremost my Tumblr crew, also my Flickr friends, Tweeters, bloggers, internet pals and real-world chums… All the kind words, encouragement and patronage — it means everything to me, and I appreciate it to no end.