Original posts on Tumblr are hard to come by, it’s so easy to reblog and like other people’s work and have your tumblr serve as a creative curation of your personal taste and style. We get it, BUT, when we find some rad artists, sculptors, poets, and photographers we must, must, must share them with you so you can be inspired to be original too.. remember that idea? Originality?  YUM~
For this week’s Tumblr Tuesday find, we endlessly scrolled through OHAYMRDTH a tumblr ripe with illustrations all seemingly centered around the “kool” kid with bowl haircut and freckles, living the “kool” life.  For 18 year old illustrator, Meredith Bardo, she’s just drawing “gourmet scum” (the title on her tumblr) and letting 80’s colors, graphics, and icons mingle into her daydream-like drawings.  Too kool? Nah! More like the perfect amount!

xtreme wrinkled napkin drawing i shoved into my pocket after getting yelled at by my manager to stop writing “this sux” everywhere