At first glance, you’d think this chick was THE raddest travel photographer ever.  Her shots are so beautiful, crisp, and clean and with weather that’s ideal.  But when you look into this TUMBLR TUESDAY score you realize that this girl’s come through solid with a “now-why-didn’t-we-think-of-that” moment.  Mere pronounced Mia is a 23 year old from the UK with a major case of wanderlust.  She posts landscape shots from where-else Google Earth.  That’s right, folks, she’s explored the nooks and corners of this Earth with her good pal, Google and she’s shared her top picks with us.  Weather it be snow covered tundras or tropical waters littered with seals, Mere has inspired us to take our own virtual adventures.  Peep the locations complete with latitude and longitude coordinates HERE.


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