Follow along with Canadian illustrator, Kelly Bastow, or as she’s more popularly known, MooseKleenex and relive your daily happenings in comic form with everything from comparing your looks, feeling like a failure or daydreamed moments.  Bastow sums it (life) up with a delightful comic character seemingly modeled after herself oft times with soft colors and clean lines.  Rummaging through her tumblr proved pretty entertaining and her talent and style make her a popular choice with some reblogs reaching nearly two thousand.  That’s quite a feat considering Barstow is really only in her first year at OCAD in Toronto although clearly she’s been active in art her whole life.  Her work was so celebrated that it was in fact ripped off by Forever 21 (last photo).  She speaks about it in her blog retelling the story of how she got some automated email about them removing the graphic tee from all stores.  On the lighter side, watching her dance video from a NewFoundland roadtrip really put a smile on our faces… check it out… NOW!

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