Laura is a 1990 born fine art & portraits photographer from Munich, Germany. She started taking photos at the age of 18 and quickly noticed that photography is the love of her life. Starting as a self portrait artist she learned everything she knows as an autodidact and then went on focusing on portraying actors and musicians.


We discovered her on Tumblr today and fell in love with her style and portraiture.   We also really enjoyed her Summer bucket list shown below.  Follow her tumblr here.

not alone in the streets (by laura zalenga)

secret friends (by laura zalenga)

fairy tale dress :)

forest moments

munich nights

my life

gif addicted

obligatory butterfly gif



[summer bucketlist 2013]

  • Go a week without makeup
  • Spend some days at the sea
  • Have a night to remember
  • Watch a sunrise
  • go on a road trip
  • Take a picture everyday for a month
  • Take a ‘young me – now me’ picture
  • climb to the top of a tree/house and take pictures of the view
  • photograph a wedding
  • go a day without talking
  • give a genuine compliment to 10 strangers
  • sleep under the stars
  • built a blanket fort and sleep in it
  • dance in the rain



What do you think about her work?