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Another wonderful Tumblr Tuesday find!  This is the awesome work of Emma Evans, who is an illustrator from England (damn, we’ve been on a UK kick lately).  And actually she’s more than just an illustrator, she’s crafty, making owl pillows and illustrated book marks.  Evans is part of a creative collective called The Whatnot Tree.  Not only that, Evans is the Co-Founder of Opposite the Alley Press (which we’re spotlighting later this week) and she helped produce the zine “First” which can be found and bought here (more on this later).

In her bio she explains that she often times gets inspiration from both the mundane and bizarre, which is perhaps why we like her art so much.  If you didn’t already know, we like the weird and when it comes to life and art, the weirder the better!  While she draws a lot of animals she does them with a variety of different medium from watercolors, noodlers ink, a dip pin, and photoshop.  Here is her tumblr !!

Her style is kind of across the board, with clean and well done colorful characters to sketchier quick draws which she explains “I’m starting a new blog in the vague hope of some motivation to get back into the internet-ness promotion-ness. Not to be there forever but it will be a lot scratcher than this blog, hence it’s creation. It’s for an up coming book i hope to make. Everything I Did While I Did Nothing.” (Great name btw).

And we love artists who inspire us to get off this damn computer and start drawing again!  Her creativity with book names alone makes us ready to remove our eyes from these l.e.d lights and pick up a pencil! Evans, from what we can see, just graduated from school, we can’t wait to see what she does with her career.. Yes, Emma, we will follow along and we urge you to too!


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