Oh my! Sorry, I’ve been lagging on the Tumblr Tuesdays, folks.  You know how life gets messy, crazy colds attack your body, moving your home from one side of the island to another, and surviving Halloween, Hallowbaloo, and First Friday. YES, these are all crap excuses but today we were hankering for something Tumblr-y.  It being Tuesday and all, and I didn’t want to wait another week to post this newly discovered gem. In a recent illustration explosion of tumblr hunting I discovered the very talented Daniel Shaffer and his wonderful style.


Shaffer, a freelance illustrator out of Maryland, combines humor in nearly ever single one of his pieces, sharing in The Manifold’s love of the butt and bold colors!!  And with captions like this one (below), how could you not want to follow him, dummies?

tumblr_ncfthsx7e61r4c2c6o1_1280This is how my summer felt. And my life right now.




I want to see this sculpted on top of the rippling muscle body of a classical sculpture.

(UM, US TOO!!!)

Here’s a few more pieces, but in the meantime, go to his tumblr page and follow along!!  And also keep an eye peeled (why is that a saying…it sounds gross?!) for Shaffer’s illustration in issue 8.  That’s right, folks we scored an interview with this dude!

tumblr_ne4k5umNT71r4c2c6o1_1280 tumblr_ndve3uH1mR1r4c2c6o1_1280 tumblr_nch4plFWKp1r4c2c6o1_1280