Bangkok based photographer, Adam Birkan brings us a beautiful look into Thailand’s capitol with a series of shots that play with space, color, and people.  An almost quiet look into the city where no one’s really paying attention.  The lines, the play on design, the negative space, we’re eating it all up and hoping there’s second helpings.


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What I love about Birkan’s work is his play on geometry, design, and space.  His photos are crisp and colorful and often time there’s a fun or funny character at times “where’s waldo-ing” in there somewhere leaving me often with a smile and the thought, damn, he definitely caught a moment.  Follow his tumblr along with us and reblog and like, reblog and like.


Tell us a bit about your background in photography.

I’ve been a photographer more or less since I was 16, but I picked up my first camera when I was not but a wee lad. I have Bachelors of Science in Visual Communication with a focus on photojournalism from the School of Visual Communication at Ohio University.

What made you want to move to Thailand?

I moved to Thailand for practical reasons. I do a lot of fine art and street shooting, but my bread and butter is editorial photography. I’m interested in working around South East Asia, documenting the good and the bad. Bangkok is cheap, modern, and smack dab in the middle.
What do you love/hate about Thailand?  And what do you miss about home?
There is really no love hate relationship with me and Thailand. Life here (at least outside of the central westernized areas) is a lot more spicy. It’s more vibrant, it’s gritty and unapologetic. But that could be said about anyplace, when all your senses are still fresh, and everything is still raw.
I miss Skyline Chili. Look it up.
You seem to shoot quiet moments in a somewhat voyeuristic manner.  Do you have a shooting style that allows you to capture those moments or would you say you just get lucky?

Create a composition, and wait for a moment within it. The composition is your creativity, capturing the moment takes skill. Only luck lies in between. I try to alter my style to suit the subject matter, I have what I like to call a Bag O’ Styles. No one style fits every scene, and “style” can be a trap, I watch a lot of photographers get obsessed with finding their own style, only to become frustrated when they can’t make a picture of a new subject matter. The idea of a personal style is really a double edged sword.
I can tell your eye is drawn to lines and geometry.  Where would you say that comes from?

My eye is drawn to lines and geometry because I practiced seeing them. I looked for them day and night until the chaos dissolved and there was order. I’m by no means a natural. But I believe, you can become a better photographer, or at least more refined and consistent, through practice. Don’t let the inspiration from your childhood fade. I’ve worked hard to rediscover my child like curiosity.

What sort of things are you happiest shooting?

When it comes to my street photography, I don;t like to show people things they have never seen before. That’s easy. It’s showing people things that they didn’t know they’ve already seen is what fascinates me.


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