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It is the time of the season. Here in Hawaii, we note the change of the fall with the falling of the rain and that has been very apparent lately. All of Saturday night we watched the droplets turn into cats and dogs. And any other normal person would be upset, except me. I’m a rain worshiper.

It was an uncertainly sunny day when day we shot this. Mother Nature just couldn’t seem to make up her mind. We were lucky, however, for the company of, Lola, our VW bus, who kept us dry while the sky went through sudden mood changes. One thing’s for certain though, ain’t no rain keepin’ us down, cause it’s just the TIME OF THE SEASON.

Thanks to all of these amazing personalities that made this shoot possible…

Photography x Napua Camarillo

Hair/Makeup x Melissa Hurley

Models: Julia Currier, Joshua Rubalcava, Steisha Sheather, and Kyle Smith

Special thanks to Mish Mash Shop and Barrio Vintage.