Celebrity Twitter accounts aren’t always good, most of them are promotions for whatever upcoming project and not so much the random thoughts or insightful experiences into their coveted lives.  BUT, here are a few of the more entertaining celebrity twitter accounts:








1. olivia wilde@oliviawilde 

Kate Moss says “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”? Huh. I’m pretty sure that’s because you live in England, dude.

2. dax shepard@daxshepard1

“Just because there’s no roof does NOT mean we’re outside”- @IMKristenBell

3. Adam McKay@GhostPanther 

Remember “be kind rewind” from VHS days? Now it’s “don’t put the Breaking Bad DVD in the Dark Knight Rises case asshole.”

4.Nick Swardson@NickSwardson 

The only song I fuck to is ‘Old McDonald’.

5. Ellen DeGeneres@TheEllenShow 

The graffiti in Melbourne is unbelievable. I didn’t have any paint cans, so I tagged my name with Andy’s spray deodorant.

6. RainnWilson@rainnwilson 

I call the little air blower nozzles on planes “fart dispersers”.

7. Sarah Silverman@SarahKSilverman 

My youporn search words and my shopstyle search words seem to be slowly meeting in the middle

8. Jonah Hill@JonahHill 

In 50 yrs, a bunch of 80 yr-olds will know all the words to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song.

9. Rebel Wilson@RebelWilson 

I’m not too famous to eat crumbs off my chest x

10. Chelsea Handler@chelseahandler 

I’m on ellen’s show today, and then I’m on my own show at 11pm on e! How do you do it, girl?

11. Snoop Dogg@SnoopDogg 

Inhale tha good shit exhale tha bad shit

12. Anjelah Johnson@anjelahjohnson 

My friend just bought tickets to a Wilson Phillips concert. I didn’t know you could by tickets to the past.

13. Drizzy@Drake 

The fact that Rosie O’Donnell knows who I am is probably best feeling ever. I’m gonna casually tell 2 chainz after he’s done this verse.