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photography x lila lee
text x napua camarillo

When I’m away from home what I tend to miss most are the smells and sounds of Hawai’i. The sounds of the birds chirping and the smell of the rain are what I notice in their absence.   Roosters crowing, ukuleles strumming, tuberose leis, and wafting pineapple scents. Then I flashback to the mountains and the ocean. Mauka and Makai. And as I look through these photos that represent Lila Lee’s version of “home” I can hear the leaves rustling, the ocean waves crashing, the smell of muddy woods and salty air and the sounds of people laughing and beers cracking. Home, sure, is those comforting scents and familiar sounds but it’s more than that. For me it’s the place you can’t wait to go back to.

For Lila she mentions one thing that I can deeply identify with,  “Hawaii was the paradise I couldn’t wait to leave, but missed once I did. I guess it’s like the parents you take for granted until you’re out on your own and realize how much they’ve actually done for you.”

Sometimes it takes me taking a step away from home to really cherish and appreciate it.  So, leave your home every now and again and revive your senses.