The Red Rail


Have you ever seen a piece of clothing you were so in love with that you simply had to have it?  Something so wonderful that you’d pay in blood?  The thought occured to Jasmijn Andringa, the 30 year-old beauty behind The Red Rail.  She brought attention to the need for blood donation in the coolest of ways, fashion.

Back in 2010, Andringa created The Red Rail.  Donate blood, get a raffle ticket, win a piece of clothing straight off the runway from one of Hollands best 18 up and coming designers.  This is merely one of her ripple effects.  Through the company, Foundation Noble, (which Andringa was the director for) she helped out a lot of  companies in need.  Foundation Nobel is what she describes as “a communication agency driven by a group of creative forces”.  So, think filmmakers, creative directors, ad agencies and producers who donate their time to collaborate on projects for companies who have the desire to fulfill their corporate social responsibilities.  The Red Rail for example was a way to link a youthful audience with a love for fashion to the worthy cause of donating blood.  She took on representing non profit organizations and companies in need of PR and marketing.

This project in itself is inspiring, but even more so is the drive within Andringa.    Upon graduating from college as a documentary filmmaker, Andringa spent time traveling, eventually settling in India which she says, “Really put things in perspective for me.”  She found the country to be such a fascinating contradiction.

“In the chaos of New Dehli, I found my peace,” she remarks. “Traveling or living somewhere on the other side of earth is already enriching of course, but living or traveling in India is that times 100. You will be in situations that you never thought you would be in and you have to develop your intuition and sense of self knowledge. India opens all of your senses.”

Andringa spent some time doing volunteer work and attending the teachings of the Dalai Lama. Before she knew it a year and a half had passed.  I can imagine this is where everything connected for her and where the ideas for her company were birthed.  When she returned to her native Holland she created the Stichting Nobel or Foundation Noble. Fast forward two years now and Foundation Noble is a non-profit corporate social responsibility (CSR) communication agency that uses any money earned to expand their reach into doing more projects similar to that of the Red Rail.

“On a basic level we just took fashion as a vehicle, a Trojan horse, to get the attention of our target group by speaking their language,” Andringa said. “But there is a bigger picture. On another level, we challenge them to not only try and look cool but prove that they are cool. Have them think about ‘giving’ without necessarily expecting something in return as these items are created with this spirit in mind.”

This is just one of the projects that Andringa has put together.  Currently she is looking into efforts on more of an international level and has stepped down as director focusing her time on volunteering in places like the Philippines.
A ripple effect is a simple act of kindness that spreads like an infection.  We are in love with highlighting people who embody this idea, so, if you know someone who is making a difference, pitch us their story at