Ehren warned me that I’m coming from the best beaches in the world and while these beaches are beautiful they are different than what I’m probably expecting.  And he was right.  So I ditched Hua Hin and took a mini-bus back to the city to get some more quality culture in.  It didn’t help that there was a curfew in Hua Hin as well and most of my nights were spent by myself with a bottle of rum.  So I headed back to BKK on day (13) and I watched the roads that lead up to Hua Hin and what reminded me of the road to Hampton Beach, New Hampshire flash through me like some sort of Gus Van Sant movie.   I decided to post up in a different part of town closer to the Golden Mount Ehren and I had visited earlier.  The next day the city was running a “special” to entice tourists to continue to “tour” whilst the military coup was going on.  So the Tuk Tuks were offering to go to all these temples for 20Baht flat which is literally pennies usd.  So I toured the city with a young tuk tuk driver my age who professed his love for me… “You have boyfriend?”  he asked.  I laughed and chugged my water as if I didn’t understand what he was saying.  The temples were beautiful!! So intricately decorated, adorned with gold and beautiful colors and golden Buddhas.  Each felt so wonderful somehow.  I was told by a Thai man that one particular Buddha was good luck and I should print out the picture and keep it in my wallet.  WILL DO, SIR!  The whole day, however, I felt sick.  My first instance of this here.  It might have been the fact that it was at 4 fuzzy fire icons, or that I was bit home sick, or that I was trudging along by myself and allowing myself to feel shitty instead of rallying… IDK, but, the feeling continued on til night when I met up with Ehren  and he tried to show me the “Red Light District” which honestly didn’t do anything for me… seeing random white guys drinking with young blairly legal Thai chicks made me feel even sicker.. sorry, I used to be cooler, I swear!!  So I’m posted up, taking it easy on my last day here in Thailand reviewing and relaxing by the pool and ready to reveal the second set of photos from this trip.  I hope you’ve enjoyed my ramblings.  Thanks for stopping by, friends.  Also, I’ve been documenting my travels in a water color journal…keep your eyes peeled for that too~


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