Mer is a self taught, emerging visual artist, based in Long Beach, California. She has an extraordinary sense of observation and is able to capture the beauty of faces that inspire her. She shares her perception, to understand others is to “Open your eyes to a world beyond your own”. Her paintings have been in exhibited throughout Nationally and Internationally.  Her vision is to also educate through art with multicultural focus.

Would you tell us a little bit about your artistic process?

My process derives from various emotions, everyday life occurrences, and topics I feel passionate about amongst others. This is where the birth of a conceptual idea takes place and a composition emerges.




What music do you listen to during production?

Music is always essential when I produce. I listen to a variety of music that includes Classical, Experimental, Instrumental, World Music, Hip Hop, Jawaiian, Reggae, the list goes on.

Liyas Crane
What inspires you and gets you motivated?

There are many aspects that inspire me. It is complex to narrow it down. An example would be, is having a passion for ocean and nature conservation. I express this within my work by representing the female figure, which is always symbolic to beauty and incorporate animals or elements of the earth to define that message.


end of spring


And what mediums do you use/prefer?

I use acrylic paint and canvas as my preferred medium