Welcome to the beautiful work of Mariana Moraes, Brazilian photographer who explored the Atacama Desert and felt the beautiful silence.  We really enjoyed her heavy contrast and amazing eye for composition.  In an artist statement for this Submission Sunday piece, Moraes says:

My name is Mariana Moraes. I’m Brazilian. I majored in film. I have my own video production business here in Brazil called “Balaio Filmes”  where I am a director and editor for music videos and publicity films. I never worked professionally as a photographer, but I enjoy making personal projects.
When I planned my trip to the Atacama, I wanted to photograph the desert. Atacama has a magical nature, with incredible landscapes that I always dreamed of photographing. My objective was to portray the contrast, the lightness, the voluptuousness and the silence of this desert.
Two of my greatest difficulties were dealing with the varied lighting conditions and the short time I had to shoot at each site. The morning light in the desert is exquisite and at 6am I had the best light.
For me, there were a few things that I was focusing on. I wanted to set a point of interest and isolate unnecessary elements (that pollute the picture and draw attention) . Also I wanted to ensure a deeper depth of field by using a small aperture and a low ISO.


Atacama_MarianaMoraes02 Atacama_MarianaMoraes04 Atacama_MarianaMoraes05-546x1024 Atacama_MarianaMoraes06 Atacama_MarianaMoraes07 Atacama_MarianaMoraes09-546x1024 Atacama_MarianaMoraes10


We hope to see more of your work, Mariana!  Keep in touch!