When Jacob submitted his work for our Submission Sunday section a while back we knew he had a good eye.  And when we checked in with him months later, we likes where his work progressed and wanted to show him off a little bit.  So far we’re loving his work and we can’t wait to see where it goes.  Cheers, Jacob.. keep shooting.
Bio: Hey everyone! My name is Jacob Romero and I’m a 20 year old photographer from Fullerton, Ca. I love people, skateboarding, and photography. One of the most beautiful things about photography is that it gives you the ability to intertwine all the things you love and put it into a single frame. The biggest goal for me when I shoot a photo is to capture the sincerity of the moment. I love the feeling I get when I know I’ve captured more than a skateboarding maneuver, or a nice smile. I hope that you can look at my work and see past the flashy exterior of lighting, or composition. If you can look at any of my photos and feel something a little bit more, then I know I’m doing something right.
Instagram: @jaycubisrad
Tumblr: jay-cub.tumblr.com
Facebook: facebook.com/jaycubphoto