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Crist submitted his work to us a while ago and we were so stoked on it, we told him to sit tight, we want to feature you in our next published issue.  So we waited, and waited, and hoped he still remembered us when we hit him back up a few weeks ago.  He did.  Phew.

So we invite you to riffle through and check out his steez.  In our opinion, his work is witty, playful, and interesting.  That’s what caught us.  What kept us was our interview with him.  His new works are so much more that just interesting to look at, the story behind them brings the work to a deeper level.  Stay tuned for our interview with him in our next issue out in October.  But for now take a quick skim of his artist statement on his newest work and check out his tumblr.

Crist Espiritu’s 5th one man art exhibit, “This Quantum Madness”, will open at the Pocket Universe art space July 12, 2013. This show will feature the latest artworks from Espiritu’s ongoing series called “Quantum Paranoia”; a series of drawings, paintings, photos, videos and street art pieces which the artist started producing late 2011. According to the artist the series mainly evolves around the recent findings in Quantum Mechanics and the philosophical implications they have on what it means to be human. When asked about why he chose Quantum Mechanics as an inspiration for his recent artworks Espiritu replied, “I have always believed that artists should create artworks which discuss what it means to be human. What better place to start than at the realm of the ‘particles’ we are made of? And I love science because it encourages doubt. Doubt is humble. There is too much vanity and so little critical thinking these days (even in art). I want to make a show that encourages critical thinking.”



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