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Angge Lorente is an aspiring visual artist who excels in painting. Fascinated by the human form, she chose to paint in a detailed realistic style rendering her subjects with adept precision. Her artworks are mostly photo-realistic scenes with an air of mystery. Her paintings are like unfolding bits of vague narratives which capture one’s imagination. The showcase of skills and the intrigue that the paintings stir in the audience are what hold the allure of Lorente’s artworks.

Lorente also dabbles in street art. She extends her artistic process onto public spaces in order to access more audience. Through her realistic painting style (consistent with her studio works) random pedestrians easily relate to the emotions and mystique Lorente’s subjects convey. Her art stirs up the psyche of the otherwise zombified person going through the robotic motions of the day.

Words by Crist Espiritu (DOZE Collective)