Fun was FUN! Vampire rocked the Weekend. Dawes played with our heart strings. And Lionel brought us back to the days of dancing in the kitchen with good old mom. But the real show stopper this ACL wasn’t on a stage, it was in the festival boutique. While Teysha uses a grassroots manufacturing model, their custom boots and one-of-a-kind textiles make anyone look like rock stars! And after talking to Sophie Eckrich and Travis Breihan, the master minds behind the operation, they are more than just entrepreneurs; they are a pair of millennials making the world a better place.

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Both Eckrich and Breihan are born and raised Austinite’s, which is actually a rarity in itself these days in the fastest growing city in the nation. Therefore, it was only natural to launch their business in the world’s music capitol. “Austin is a community of people who are conscious, care about what happens both locally and globally, and of course they’re funky and love to express themselves through what they wear!”
“We never set out to start a shoe company, “Eckrich explains. But after the pair spent seven years living with different communities in Latin America, studying International Development, and working with different organizations doing their part to create a better world, they were ready to start doing. The duo applied their learnings to help create opportunities for people to thrive in the places and communities that they loved. “We knew that opportunity and economic empowerment were some of the most effective ways of helping people increase their potential and their standard of living, so we decided to start a company that would work on a basis of empowerment, rather than handouts.”

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Teysha partners with communities in Latin America who have a craft to share with the world- indigenous textile artisans, traditional shoe and boot makers, all social entrepreneurs in their own right who are working to make their communities better. These communities have the knowledge and skills, but often times lack the tools and access to the market. Teysha works to build the bridge between these amazing communities and the people around the world who value the art they are creating. Meaning that all these artist can stay in their homes with their families and create their art, and Teysha helps them share it with the world.
“Our company is built on collaborations- we all work together to create goods that are beautiful, comfortable, and celebrate traditions.”
The two are honored to have participated in the Austin City Limits music festival for the past two years, “it really is our perfect spot to meet people from all over the world, of all ages, but who are there to bond over their common love for art, music, and self-expressions.” And this girl couldn’t agree or be happier. Three days of music, fashion, local food vendors, craft beer, and a pair of custom boots in 6 weeks! Thank you ATX, ACL, and Teysha.



Xoxo Cortney Asten