Aaron Draper takes us through a portrait series he titled “Underexposed” a project that took him to the streets in California to photograph the homeless for his Master’s thesis. What a bold and honorable project especially since people who are homeless barely get 2 seconds of time from passers by.  Draper pays his subjects for their  out after they are photographed. “I would hope that they can get a glimpse of how beautiful and amazing they can look when lit correctly, when someone takes the time to produce a beautiful portrait of them.”

“Steinbeck has influenced me and informed my view of the world,” Draper explains on his website. “In Of Mice and Men and The Grapes of Wrath, I was introduced to a philosophy regarding society, about economic disparity and Steinbeck’s efforts to shed light on the problems of the poor in our society. Steinbeck hoped to bring about societal change, just as I hope to enable people to gain a more humane view of the homeless.”

What a great way to help view others in a different life.