Seriously, what are we supposed to eat? Should we all just move to the country and grow our own shit? Catch our fish with a fishing pole, grow some oregano and basil, slap some grass on a bun and dig in? Our world is ruled by media and money. Corporations feed the media who feed the people with fear. Back in the day it was fat. Take all the fat out of something, then it became carbs, now it’s organic non GMO. Sometimes I feel like it doesn’t really matter what you do, there’s someone somewhere trying to make a buck trying to sell you on something that you don’t really need. And sometimes I feel like it’ll never matter because the next new marketing gimmick is around the corner. What’s the whole truth, we have a right to that, don’t you think. Ugh, the world… it’s such a crazy place.

Thank you BuzzFeed for the video that lead to this Mouthy Monday Rant.