Adrian is the style tech dawg on the Natural Koncept squad, hailing from the same hood as the Skate Mafia!! SD Represent!  As a teammate I’ve been fortunate to travel half the states in the country with Adrian skating and partying.  On a trip to Northern Georgia we were being shown around looking for spots and the tour guide said, “Just down the road is where the KKK is said to have originated.”  We all slowly turned and looked at the only brutha on the team, Adrian, who jokingly said “Maybe I should just stay in the van.””And in calm Southern twang, the tour guide replied, “Yeah, you might want to.” In all the weird and crazy situations we’ve been through across the nation, Adrian has always maintained his humility, generosity and massive pop on a skateboard. I am proud to call him a friend and wish the best of luck on his move to the Big Apple…


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Age: 24
Hometown: San Diego
Sponsors: Natural Koncept, Osiris, Route 44 skate shop
Years Skating: 13


Favorite trick to do?

My favorite trick to do is any trick I can do well and consistently. So that varies depending on the day. In the end, a well done kickflip feels great.

Favorite skate/street/spot to skate?

The streets of Spain contain the best terrain I’ve ever had the pleasure of skateboarding. Rhymin….

Favorite skate video?

Toy Machine’s “Welcome to Hell” on VHS. It was the first skateboard video I ever owned. I watched that video a few times a day, everyday. I like all the new videos too but Welcome to Hell marks the beginning of skating for me.

Favorite skater and why?

There are a lot of awesome skateboarders that are favorites of mine.  Stefan Janoski is definitely one of them.  I really like his effortless style and trick selection. He makes tough tricks look too easy. I enjoy watching his skating.


What do you love about where you’re from?

Well, I’m from San Diego. San Diego offers everything for everyone. We have awesome beaches where you can do all types of beach activities. The weather is great all year round. If you really want to change it up, Mexico is just a few minutes away. Other than that, San Diego has tons of skate spots and is a really laid back city.

What do you dislike?

There’s not much to dislike about San Diego. I guess it would be cool if the bars here would stay open later than 2AM.

What do you love about touring?

Traveling, skateboarding, and beer.  I’m not sure where to begin. Hahaha… Touring is crazy. When you start off, you feel fresh and ready for anything. Then from there, it all goes downhill. Just playing. Touring is such a good time. I love traveling, so it’s great to visit new cities. Once you get to the new city or town, you get to meet the locals and they show you all the cool stuff there is to do there. Sometimes there isn’t much to do and other times it gets pretty eventful. It’s nice to skate new spots and meet new people. You end up spending a lot of time with the people you’re on tour with during the long van rides. As long as everyone is getting along, it’s nothing but good times.


There’s not much to dislike when you’re out on tour. I guess one thing that I disliked was when a few of the teammates were attacked by bed bugs from some sketchy motel that we stayed at. It looked like hell. Those dudes were literally being tortured. They had bites all over their bodies.  Where they had bites, they were swelling up. It was bad! I really hope that doesn’t happen again. That’s the last thing that you want to deal with while you’re on tour.

Share with us a funny/gnarly/crazy skate story from your adventures.

This story dates back to our tour that we did in California.  The tour started in Los Angeles. So the back story is that we went to visit the Pull-In Underwear store in L.A. It was a sort of celebration/party. Pull-In Underwear was a major sponsor of our tour. While we were at the store, we were drinking and having a good time. After drinking with the Pull-In guys, we began the tour and headed up North to Santa Cruz. By the time we had reached Northern California, everyone was sleeping and hung over.  It was late night and rainy. We were lost, trying to find our way to Santa Cruz. It’s not unusual for us to get lost. The driver pulled the van over to figure out where to go but he ended up pulling the van into some thick mud.  When we tried to drive out, we couldn’t. We were stuck.  We were in the middle of nowhere so there wasn’t anyone who could help us, so, we all had to wake up, get out of the van and push. It was so ridiculous, we were covered in mud. A few of the guys fell into the mud because it was so slippery. It took a good 15 minutes before we were able to break free. Hahaha. It was pretty bad, back in the van all muddy, dirty, and hung over.



Intro x Sean “BedPan” Reilly

Interview x Napua Camarillo

Photos x Matt Miller and Christopher “Cmart” Martin