As our loyal followers surely know, The Manifold has embraced skateboarding from the beginning, partly because skating is the last hope for the humanity, and mainly because skate culture buffets the pillars of our ethic and aesthetic. And even though skateboarding doesn’t owe us any favors or care what we ate for lunch, it has been good to us. So, in order to grow the relationship with the plank and wheels, we will be starting a regular flow of skate pieces, airing here on the site every Tuesday afternoon. By “we” I mean me, Travis, your Manifold skate correspondent. Enjoy.

So what’s going on in the skate world today?

Well, the Thrasher Skater of the Year race is over, since Ishod Wair edged out the rest of the heavy-hitting competition. Awesome, but controversial, as always. (hyperlinked there is arguably Ishod’s best part of last year.) But over at Transworld Skate, the polls are still open for the annual #TWSAWARDS. So go vote!

And in the competitive spirit, Thrasher dropped its first few King of the Road webisodes in all their beer-drenched, mind-melting, vomit-inducing glory.

In our ‘Dispatches from the Homie Front,’ friend and filmer Steven Spilker just released a video featuring North Shore boy and Heroin Skateboards rider, Adrian Adrid, effortlessly shredding around in Los Angeles, with some of his friends. Also be sure to check out his recent LDN-LAX video for Yardsale – such a visual treat.

In other Hawaii skate news, In4mation opened up a new shop in McCully. Be sure to stop by and say Hi to Darin. He is a lonely man. And finally, In4mant Steven Stinson dropped his long-awaited part. Give him another high-five when you see him.

See you all next week.