Not exactly Tuesday anymore but we’re new at this. Alas, another week of shralping has come and gone.

In “I-am-a-pro-skater-with-a-private-park-so-why-not-make-a-website-out-of-it” news, Jim Greco just revealed his House of Hammers, complete with scaled-down-but-pretty-legit replicas of famous spots like the Wilshire 15 and the UC Irvine hubba ledges (and an up-scaled version of the China Banks?). Greco kills it in this website-launching skate part, since that’s a thing now.

Having had the chance to visit during the filming of this part in November, I can attest how dedicated Jim is to every trick. And he’s a pretty nice fucking guy to boot. Support skater-owned brands. Ok, no more hyphenates in this post, I promise.

In Hawaii news: APB rider Kaikea Kimura jacked his arm up pretty bad! Get well soon dreamer!

Injuries are a huge part of this whole skating thing, and they often string together in these awful chains of circumstance and can take a serious mental toll. In my experience, this can create a few different results. The poor soul either turns up the volume on existing hobbies peripheral to skating: chilling, watching TV or skate videos, listening to music, drinking beer, etc. Or, it can generate a wave of new habits: getting more sleep, learning piano, ice sculpting, helping people, memorizing French poetry, etc. Yes, I borrowed that second list directly from the plot of Groundhog Day. How is that relevant to Hawaii skateboarding? Bill Murray was recently spotted in Chinatown near APB Skate shop on the set of Cameron Crowe’s new film. Boom.

Oh yeah, and THIS is officially an ABD (already been done).

Later gators!