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Issue 12: Identity

This issue has so many good tidbits in it. Everything from our interview with Waikiki beach boy Mr. Toots, to our very own emoji set created by Dan Madsen of Oasis skate shop (which is available as grip tape btw!!!!), not to mention our own interview with Cliff Kapono a research scientist surfer who’s trying to make the world a better wave. We’ve also got stories from the dating world that will make you cringe/laugh/exclaim wtf.  And we’re excited to have interviewed the star of Chinatown drag Tita Titsling!

Issue 11: Loaded

Nick Bland takes our cover to the next level, passed out and loaded griping whiskey! That’s just how we like um! Ha. We interview Aussie tattoo artist, Onnie O’Leary, Casey Liu, the German street art duo Low Bros, big wave surfer Aaron Gold, and upcycling artist Maika’i Tubbs. Phew that was a loaded mouthful.


Issue 10: Instant Gratification

This issue is chock full of goodies. We’ve got stories on why carrying around a knife with you in Japan can get you arrested, GypseaOne tagger and instagram success story Jenah Yamamoto, wanderlusting around Budapest, the man behind Prismatic Guitars, not to mention an interview with the awesomely humble Jasper Wong (Pow!Wow! Worldwide). This issue is soooo meaty! Take a bite.


Issue9 cover

Issue 9: Reckless

When was the last time you did something for the first time? When was your last reckless experience? This issue goes through a few different reckless occasions: the politics of street art (C.ME)  not landing that trick (photographs x Matt Miller), looking pretty but acting recklessly (fashion spread x Tien Austin), and growing from your recklessness to get serious in your work (artist Jeremy Strength).



Issue 8: Into the Void

Featuring the dark and twisted objects that Jackie-Paints-Dead paints, the legendary Aussie surf photographer Sean Davey, Big Island Boy Dusty Owens who shows us how to be a Shitty Kid, and finally the adventure photographer Krystle Wright who’s cover shot perfectly captures our theme. WHOA!

issue7 cover

Issue 7: Home

For this issue we explored the idea of home.  With a story from wandering and homeless pro skater, Willis Kimbel, and a photo break down of Chris Sessions amazing work, and then a story about what makes her home special by Lila Lee, not to mention a VS that takes you into the homes of 5 different locations around the world.  HOME, what makes yours unique?


Issue 6: Anonymous

With this issue, we asked Ryan Struck, surf photog to document his travels to Central and Southern America where he shot our cover.  His story and photos made us lust after travel and the idea of being anonymous in another country.  Then we spoke to several different internationally acclaimed graffiti artists to answer some Q&As in our VS section.  And finally we were lucky enough to get an interview with skate photographer Tim Korbmacher who’s photos are rad-ass!!!  All in all we have an amazing team of talents who are featured and who help contribute and we want that to happen with each issue.  Thank you so much for reading!



Issue 5: Legacy

This issue is chock full of people we think of as legendary.  We’ve got cover boy, Arto Saari’s, bad-ass photos gracing our pages alongside legend in the making Alison Teal who’s adventures run far and wide.  And then there’s our VS section that boast some big names in art, music, skate and surf.


 Issue 4:  Tomorrow

The sun’ll come out.. tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar!  We put together this issue with Tomorrow in mind.  Our stories include a pictorial on free surfing stud, Matt Meola.  Then we interview the beautiful songstress, Carolyn Malachi, who’s a Grammy nominated artist.  And finally we found a company that’s making it easy to give back to the children of tomorrow in our regular column, The Ripple Effect, not to mention a few fabulous pictorials you can check out the full magazine on our home page.


CreativePursuit_P1Issue 3: The CreativePursuit

This issue focuses on stories from across the globe that highlight people who are following their dreams and doing it with style!  Our cover story is from graphic artist Michael Pazwho’s Project Aloha challenge gave him a different design withaloha in mind every day..   And a fascinating VS session where we stalk famed Brooklyn artists Buff Monster,La’Mour Supreme, SuperSucklord, and Lee Trice.




Issue 2: The Spirit of Youth    (SOLD OUT)

This issue was about the fun playful feeling of youth.  Our cover story is about skate artist Tobal Keller who’s whimsical art makes us feel like we’re 15 again!  Not to mention a photo spread of the gorgeous Hawaiian beauty, Ella Aki.  We also a took note of a chef named Emma Hearst who’s named one of the best 30 under 30 in Manhattan.  It seems that The Spirit of Youth never quite leaves us no matter how old we are.


Our premiere issue: Breaking Tradition

This issue is all about trying to do things differently.  Our cover story features Meggs the international graffiti artist out of Melbourne, Australia who is a part of Honolulu’s Pow Wow event run by Jasper Wong who we feature as well.  We highlight the brilliance behind Sean “BedPan” Reilly who rides for Hawaii based skate company Natural Koncept who continues to live his life somewhat differently.