I met Sean Reilly at a pirate pool party of all places.  He had a smudged on John Waters mustache above his upper lip and he was splashing around in the pool like a 5 year old.  I knew right away we’d get along.  Since that day two years ago I’ve learned that he’s one of the more funnier people I know, his nickname is appropriately “Bed Pan” and his wife/life is his skateboard.  He’s been described as a local legend, one of the most generous and friendly people around, and a community standout.  Here’s a few questions with Bed Pan himself and take a peek into the world of photographs that capture his insanity.

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Where are you from?
Kailua, Oahu

When did you start skating?


Who are your sponsors?
JNCO, 808 skate, Natural Koncept, Gravis, APB, Downbeat Diner,
Poetree, In4mation, Ezryder,Venture

Gnarly injuries?
Head, elbow, head, swelbow, luckily I have small nuts or those could have been injured.

Who are your biggest influences?   Doc Ellis, Tom Penny, Kahlil Gibran, Sean Payne, Jim Morrisson

Where have you traveled for skating?
Kauai, Maui, Big Island, Waianae, Japan, USA East to West, Ireland, Mexico

What are your hobbies outside of skating? Running, buss boying, mixtapes, p90x

What was the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

A doctor in San Diego told me I should never drink alcohol again!


Favorite trick to do? No comply

Fav skate/street/spot to skate?
St. Louis (Kenny’s spot) with the ghetto blaster, maybe a brewska, a basketball, a lil wax, too much fun!

Favorite skate video?

Timecode, Non Fiction, Naughty, and Portfolio are all videos that inspire and stay timeless in my little head.

Favorite skater and why? Bernardo Bernard, no explanation necessary

What do you love about where you’re from?

808 skate

What do you dislike?

Kailua has really small waves, I like big ones

What do you love about making skate videos?

Looking at the finished product and realising how awesome my friends and life is!

What do you hate?

Mini dv tapes and vhs players are on the verge of  extinction.

What do you love about touring?

Trying to do blunt kickflips in every state!


Squeezing 12 dudes in a 8 seater ottomobile and sleepin in a room with the same fellas and 1 bed.

Share with us a funny/gnarly/crazy skate story from your adventures.
In San Diego I entered a skate contest and got second.  I was stoked so I celebrated by drinking 6 icehouse 40’s at a friends house.  I’m not sure if it was the fact that I got second or that they had Icehouse 40’s for only 98 cents either way it had me in such a party mode! Anyways I woke up the next morning in a strangers house on their couch with a note saying if I needed to use a phone or help with anything to wake the roommate down the hall. I walked down the hall and knocked, waking up a cute college girl.  I asked her what was I doing on her couch. She said her roommate was walking home at 2am and saw me asleep in the middle of a fog covered intersection, so dragged me out of the street and into their living room. I  said thank you and apologized for urinating on their couch, then I spent the next hour wwalking around the neighborhood until I found my friends house.

Sean Reilly films skate videos in his spare time and his next Bedpan Production, You wanna wallie my polejam? is set to be released at the first annual skate film festival at the Academy of Art in Honolulu August 1, 2, 4.