New Jersey-based Fillipino artist Gregory Halili gets major points for pulling in the popular art icon of “cool”, the skull, in quite a different form– a shell.  His carvings and intricate details on these mother of pearl shells are so damn beautiful I can only imagine the incredible detail that goes into these pieces.  Once carved, Hailili paints the details with oil paints bringing them to life and adding more dimension.

Halili was born and raised in the Philippines in 1975. He received his BFA from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and currently resides in New Jersey.

mother-of-pearl-shell-skull-carving-gregory-halili-1 mother-of-pearl-shell-skull-carving-gregory-halili-5 mother-of-pearl-shell-skull-carving-gregory-halili-6 mother-of-pearl-shell-skull-carving-gregory-halili-7 mother-of-pearl-shell-skull-carving-gregory-halili-8 mother-of-pearl-shell-skull-carving-gregory-halili-10

Check out this time lapse video of Hailii’s work.

For more information on this artist you can find him at his facebook page.