Real Beauty is a series of people who inspire me without being what fits into the cookie cutter world of fashion.  Whenever I see a beautiful woman, thick or thin, blond or brunette, Asian or Indian, I have the immediate urge to walk up to them and ask them if they’d be interested in shooting with me because if we all were the same size, my GAH, that would be boring!!!  Here’s to the beauty in the difference, here’s to the REAL BEAUTY.

This is Roxanne.
She was born and raised in sunny San Diego although she’s lived briefly in London and New York City.  She’s one part Persian one part Irish.  She’s a boy’s girl and a girl’s but all in all — a Cali girl at heart, and digs on “ghetto music” for the beats, BlackStarr for the lyrics and Gangstar for the whole she-bang.

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