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Today, there is a lot of talk in the hip-hip world about the “state of hip-hop.”
People from the golden era (late 80’s to early 90’s) often feel that modern hip-hop culture lacks the value and soul it once had and accounts that to significant differences in cultural and societal values between the generations.  Others think things couldn’t be any better than they currently are.  They are absolutely satisfied with the music they hear and they love it as it is.


Today, we have one artist who may satisfy both the old school and new school hip-hop fans of the world.  First up is an emcee by the name of RAtheMC.  She is from the DMV (DC, Maryland & Virginia metropolitan)  and is making some buzz in hip-hop culture.


She’s also a songwriter, clothing designer and entrepreneur. She aims to inspire and uplift women through music similar to the way she was inspired by Hip-Hop Legend Lauryn Hill. She has received MTV VMA Breakout Artist Nomination and sharing tour stages alongside mainstream recording artists Wale, The Clipse and Hip-Hop pioneers such as Kurtis Blow and Afrika Bambaataa.


Over the years, her father who recently passed away has been her strongest supporter so if you ask her today, her biggest drive to keep pushing her music comes from him.


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Here are some links to her music videos:


RAtheMC on Sway in the Morning