Aloha Long Beach,

What an unexpected surprise you are! Today’s already been amazing, some Stumptown cold brew coffee at some joint around the corner proved pretty productive sending us head first into a video interview with artist, Hot Tea, to be available later. Stay tuned. We got a closer look into InterTrend, an agency that’s associated with Pow! Wow! Long Beach, and the host to Hot Tea’s ocean hombre calming string scheme. Sounds crazy? Wait for the reveal! The day has just begun though and I’m dealing with the morning gloom, changes in weather (this Hawaii girl got a lil cold!) and a constant sensory overload of Spanish architecture and hole in the wall burrito places.  Now, we’re off to pull from a few vintage stores for our shoot with heart throb Nelly Anderson, who by the way is using two of The Manifold’s shots from issue 1 in her model porfolio…STOKED! Hey, Long Beach, you’re aiiiiiight.