Pow Wow Hawaii is an annual event in Honolulu where artists from all over the world come together to share in live art. Essentially it’s a way to expose the artistic process to the public. Starting out with 6 artists in it’s first year it’s grown to upwards of 40 artists in a matter of 4 years. We are proud to say that we’ve been active with this team from year one and we’re honored to continue to be invited to these events. This is a small glimpse into the murals that grace the faces of various building in the otherwise overlooked and more industrial area known as Kaka’ako.

In our next issue (#6) we will be spotlighting some of our newest friends from this amazing event. Stay tuned.

Please investigate more about POW WOW HAWAI’I here.

p.s. The featured image on the homepage belongs to Jeffrey Gress