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Skulls are and have been the trend for years now. But a skull pearl? What a new twist on an old concept. Japanese artist SHINJI NAKABA is making pearls into skulls and turning them into jewelry and quite beautiful jewelry at that. Perhaps it’s his intricate details that makes us intrigued or maybe it’s the sheer idea of such a tiny gleaming skull made of such beautiful material! And in fact Shinji Nakaba uses all sorts of unsual material for his works of art.

“I use not only precious metals and stones but also something usual,such as aluminum Beer can or plastic bottle,or even some discarded materials. I’m dealing all the materials equally no matter how precious they are. Bring out their hidden talents and Beauty, then being re-born as Treasure .
And one of my great interest is start a revolution to the Glyptic. Glyptic has been succeeded from ancient times. (Glyptic-carving technique for jewelry )”

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen pearl skulls..


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