It’s a magical day in the neighborhood with these beauties, Yarid (@yardogg) and Stephanie (@groovybabyyy), getting deep into San Pedro’s Sunken City for The Manifold Magazine’s mainland collaboration in LA. We teamed up with two, count ’em, TWO vintage shops running out of Long Beach called Mish Mash Shop (@mishmashshop) and Bunny and Wolf (@bunnyandwolf) who helped style our two beauts.  Not to mention a wonderful collaboration with Nancy Bernier (@vagillante) who did their hairs. And Irena of Bunny and Wolf who did their makeup. Yes!


Quote of the day would have to go to our 70’s flower child Stephanie when saying “Do I have to take my stones off? But if I take all my stones off, I’ll lose my powers.” Ha. No powers lost here because it was a spectacular day with guest appearances by @JustMagic who managed to tag our mag on a sunken stone and Joel Maxey of Shitty Kids who remained our gopher pher the day, fetching water and towing behind Steph’s blue VW Bug on his skateboard.  All in all a perfect day with the creative juices flowing!

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