You start out, standing in the field. With appetizers floating around you, sun kissing your shoulders and libations in hand. Everything is locally sourced and the people around you are taking in some breathtaking scenery. The Ko’olau lizard back (or jagged mountain range) tickles your eyes and your taste buds playfully tongue limu butter and fish on a saltine. You can’t help get inspired by the scenery, the booze, and then the people set you forth on this wonderful and literal farm to table tour ripe with history and meaning. And you begin to understand that buying local is more than just a great idea it’s a great way to compliment that worn out farmer in the corner who’s hands are callused. They are the forgotten survivors of the everyday. Go to a grocery store, pick out your chicken or beef or fish and FORGET the real struggle it took to raise and prepare that life for your consumption. Outstanding in the field gives you an inside look into what it means to be farm to table and does it with such grace and care that it makes it well worth it’s hefty price tag.


all photos x napua camarillo

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