The notion of body image and skin retouching, definitions of “beauty” have become more heavily haunting me in the increasing usage of social media…most recently I have been avoiding abrasive skin retouching whenever possible and aiming to shoot in pure film and/or just clean raw digital with very limited to no retouching whatsoever. I have also been labeling my work in social media associated with #naturalbeauty and #noretouch to help generate positive awareness for beauty and fashion shoots which incorporate, celebrate natural beauty. I also make a conscious effort to shoot with models of all body types, ethnicities and ages, as well as unsigned/emerging models and athletes in addition to signed agency models.

The idea of this shoot was to create a very fresh, raw and organic shoot on a beach at sunset and to aim to capture a direct connection between photographer/artistic director and model/H&M artist only. The hair is styled with saltwater, the make up is organic and done by model, all wardrobe is vintage or independent bespoke designer…there was no abrasive retouching done to skin in editing and there were no controlled flashes, lights, nor assistants in shoot.

modeled x siobhan blake, from Option Models agency @siobbb
photographed in ocean beach, sf
wardrobe is 100% vintage (accessories are a combination of: vintage & House of Harlow 1960 jewelry and Goorin Bros. (SF) bespoke hats

hair & make up is 100% natural organic and by model
photography & art direction x amanda cooper @graphicsdiva