You might not recognize them immediately by their flashy capes or superpowers, but there are hundreds of heroes walking this planet. Heroes who “give” out of altruistic reasons. It might be by giving food to the poor, as I saw in a YouTube film the other day. The film was about a hotel owner in Bombay. He decided to sell his business to dedicate his life to cooking and feeding the lowest Indian cast;  ”The untouchables”. Or the Tibetan monk, who i met high up in the Himalaya mountains. He was a vision of loving kindness, wanting to help anyone who needed his help. Like many others, he risked his life when he wanted to listen to the teachings of HH the Dalai Lama about peace and happiness. He ended up in prison, almost beaten to death by the Chinese authorities. When I asked him what his biggest fear was, he answered: “that I would loose my compassion for the Chinese”.
Or take Sander Veeneman, one of the heroes from our Dutch soil. Being a photographer who has been in war zones, seeing all the outskirts of this world, he wanted to remind our worldleaders of the promises that were made when formulating the millennium goals. He sent a booklet with only photo’s and no text or sender, to all the important politicians and raised enormous awareness for all the work that still needs to be done for a fair and balanced world.  Or look at Jamie Oliver, who is helping children to eat a more healthy diet. I can go on and on…  Many of the decisions I have made in the last few years, I owe to these heroes. They have inspired me to an extent that is beyond words.  It would be my great honor, to introduce you to the heroes that still cross my path every day. I hope they will inspire you as much as they inspire me, with or without flashy capes.