Pomplamoose is going on tour!  Maybe you saw their cover of “Single Ladies”, well 10 million of you did anyways.  And we are seriously addicted to the vocals of Nataly Dawn and her real life boytoy Jack Conte on (piano, xylophone, drums, tambourine, or guitar).  The duo formed in 2008 on YouTube and MySpace (ha, remember Myspace!? Kids, there used to be this other social media site… wait, no time for that).  Since then they’ve secured 420,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel most likely due to their creative variety of mashups, covers, and video originality.   Blah, blah, blah.  Check out our favorite one being their original song 30ROCK and then scroll through their covers playlist.  (Pull down the menu on the upper left hand corner of the second vid and browse through y’self.)