So, I use Tumblr (hence our Tumblr Tuesdays posts).  And while I follow a lot of quality bloggers I also dabble in the guilty pleasurable Tumblr blogs.  And what I’ve discovered happening in this overly saturated media world is that we idolize these images of beautiful people, skinny girls with fake tits and impeccable abs, guys with muscles growing on muscles, all in these perfect moments where the light is just right.  And I think to myself in my years in this body, I hope that I never succumb to thinking that finding this image of “perfection” will ever make my life the happiest or most amazing.  The best stories are the ones that didn’t go right.  The most beautiful people are the ones that aren’t always the Western world’s idea of perfect.  We all have friends who we love and adore no matter what they look like because their personality, their mannerisms, their soul, or their attitude is admirable and inspiring and to us they become beautiful regardless of their looks.

It’s like when you fall in love.  I’ve only ever been in the real drop-everything love with one person.  And while he may not have been the best looking guy, to me he was perfect!  Perfection is boring, people!  You think these people who look perfect have the most perfect lives?  Surprise, they have problems too!  Eyes on your own paper!  Look to people for inspiration or motivation for your own personal betterment not to fantasize about the fact that their lives must be perfect.

And please staple this to my forehead when I forget my own words!



AND here’s to the most imperfectly perfect girl of the year: