BMC the leader

If you’re a hip hop head, then this one is for you.

Whether you know it or not, Baltimore is on the come-up with a new sound and accent that hasn’t quite reached the masses.  In the same city where Tupac attended high school, there is a new generation of conscience emcees making their mark on the industry.

ELLIS is definitely one of them.  He’s been on his grind for several years and both he and his manager Toni are not waiting for any opportunities to come their way.  Instead, they are aggressively spreading his music one video, show and city at a time.

ELLIS is a kind of personality that just comes across as a down-to-earth duuuude.  (That’s a Baltimore pronunciation)   That’s the impression I get when talking to him and listening to his music.  It’s the perfect blend of street knowledge mixed with scholastic sophistication.

Now, let’s let the music speak for itself.  You can download the link below.   MIXTAPE – The Education of ELLIS  or check