When asked to define the word legacy a million and one things pop up… but the definition that stood out to me was, “something that happened in the past, or that comes from someone’s past.” This resonates with me. I can understand how someone’s past is the thing that influences their future. I am lucky enough that the legacy I get to carry on is the one that taught me what it meant to be Rock ‘ n’ Roll. Rock’ n’ Roll is more than a phrase, it is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that embraces and embodies what it is to be an individual.To be an individual is a much harder task that the phrase invites. Luckily, I was raised that being an individual was something to be proud of, no matter the statement. And it showed me the path less traveled but most desired. Thank you for all your words of wisdom and songs that taught the way. I will always remember road trips in that gray 1985 BMW, jamming out with the windows down singing along. I will always cherish my very first Beatles cassette tape, the red one, you gave me after I caught my first fish on Lake Travis. And I will always own a pair of wayfarer Ray Bans in tribute to my very first pink pair I got in Aspen. You made me your little Rock ‘n’ Roll, and forever I will be thankful and spread the songs you showed me. Poppa Spray you are my original King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Cortney Asten 
1. ” Stairway to Heaven ” – Led Zeppelin
2. ” Gimmie Shelter ” – The Rolling Stones
3. ” California Dreaming ” – Mama’s & The Papa’s
4. ” Supersonic ” – Oasis
5. ” Purple Haze ” – Jimi Hendrix
6. ” Born to be Wild ” – Steppenwolf
7. ” Layla ” – Eric Clapton
8. ” With or Without You ” – U2
9. ” I Wanna Hold Your Hand ” – The Beatles
10. ” Golden Years ” – David Bowie
11. ” Walk on the Wild Side ” – Lou Reed
12. ” The Joker” – Steve Miller
13. ” Suspicious Minds ” – Elvis Presley
14. ” These Eyes ” – The Guess Who
15. ” Too Far From Texas ” -Stevie Nicks
16. “American Girl ” – Tom Petty
17. ” Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay ” – Otis Redding
18. ” Texas Flood ” – Stevie Ray Vaughan
19. ” It Ain’t Me ” – Bob Dylan and The Hawks
20. ” Heart of Gold ” – Neil Young
21. ” Wish You Were Here ” – Pink Floyd
22. ” Forever Young ” – Rod Stewart