IMG_5810 IMG_5814 IMG_5816 IMG_5826 IMG_5840 IMG_5865 IMG_5876 IMG_5878 IMG_5957 IMG_5961 IMG_5985 IMG_6002 IMG_6556 IMG_6887Add another crazy day to the list, yesterday. From an early morning of painting for Pow! Wow! Long Beach preppin’ and primin’ for the amazing artist Cryptik to a 7 hour photo shoot and collaboration with hair stylist Nancy Bernier, Bunny and Wolf and Mish Mash Vintage Shops in the “Sunken City” in San Pedro. Try not to be jealous, not about how awesome of a day I had or how I got to work with beautiful amazing souls including my gopher pher the day Norman Rockwell look-a-like model/Shitty Kid, Joel Maxey, but be jealous of the $1.50 tacos I shoveled into my exhausted face at 930 pm!  I do love a delicious cheap taco, California!! Good job!