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This trip has been filled with coffee, coffee, random sites, Mexican food and homies. From small world happenings like randomly meeting the father of a friend of a friend from Hawaii at a Trader Joes, to over-chatting with my ex boyfriend’s brother who just happened to be in town. It’s Day 3 and we ended up welcoming Shitty Kid skater Joel Maxey to the LB hood and spending Go Skateboarding Day at the opening of Courthouse (a skate shop located around the corner from West L.A.’s Courthouse Skate Park) And before that we were rushing through the last hour at the Long Beach Flea Market scoring random goodies and being jealous of mainland treasures.  And then there was sunsets and samosas in Venice. Yum. The day’s events are keeping us busy, for sure but this is only day 3 with 4 more to go and we haven’t even hit Pow! Wow! yet.  Stay tuned.