The Energizer.  The name he’s created for himself along with his team has grown tremendously and many of the successes are accomplished on an independent level.  His well-polished music videos went from thousands of views to millions over the course of the past years but his success and growth is far from overnight.  Meet Logic.

What life experiences have influenced your pursuit and drive as an artist?

I left home when I was 17.  My mother was a single mother so growing up without a father was a big thing but I heard that in all the rap songs which was great and why I could relate to them.   It made me realize that we are definitely all equal.
So much is an influence.  Everything, especially dealing with girl experiences.  Getting your heart broke and going through all kinds of things gives more people a reason to relate to my music.
How important to you is it to have knowledge about artist that came before you?

I’m never going to forget it.   Everybody talks about Biggie and Pac all the time.  Those are the ones you hear because they had the most effect on the east coast and west coast but there’s Big-L that did Casualties of a Dice Game.  Real intricate storytelling… stuff that you would basically see on the big screen.  You go from that to Big Pun’s Beware.  There are all these crazy artist that no one really shows any recognition to because it’s been so long since they have passed.
How important is the multi-media and social network world to your career?

A lot of people have too much pride like “I’ll let other people do that.” I’m hands on you know what I mean.  I don’t give a damn.  Even when I’m on Kanye status, I’m going to be on my blog like “Check out my new shit.” It’s very important to let people know that you’re still hungry and that it will never go away.

What is one of your personal philosophies or motives to keep you on track?

You have to wake up everyday and believe that you are wherever you want to be.  Whether you want to be an underground artist or a superstar.  I visualize that that’s who I already am; of course in a humble state because if the people do not believe that your talent exceeds theirs, then you’re not going to get there.  You have to believe it and you have to make them believe it to get to that level.


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