#WORLDWEEK starts TODAY and will return every other week with a different pin on the map…


#WORLDWEEK was spurred by a recent trip to Thailand to visit one of our writers, Ehren Bowling, who’ll tell us his love/hate relationship with Thailand tomorrow in a regular series he calls AROUND THE WAY.  While I was down there having a bit of heat stroke and missing my Hawaiian homeland, I realized so many things, about the world, the idea of gratitude, and all of the differences that make the world so wonderful.  So, I decided to investigate rad countries around the world that deserve a bit of a spotlight.  And here we are.  We’ll investigate artists, photographers, writers, locations, customs, differences, all with some beautiful visuals for those hungry eyes.  So here we go, stay tuned, we hope you enjoy!l  Come back tomorrow when Ehren tells us a particularly disturbing close encounter stabbing story…  yes, stabbing.





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