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Hailing from Fukuoka, Japan, painter/illustrator/beatmaker/videographer/rapper Asano Ryuhei, aka Lee, is a wild animal. Not that he’s not house broken. LABut a wild animal in the sense that he obeys his nature without ego. When asked how often he considers the opinions of his audience or the rest of the world, he gave a blank-faced, “never” as his response, almost in wonder that some of us, do. Check him out on Bandcamp, he was tabbed as one of Pitchfork’s ‘Rising’ artists recently as well.

Album: Bill Evans’ ‘Alone’

Meal: Unagi-don and green tea. And a mango. Just a mango.

Book: Some book about Basquiat

Movie: Mindgame

Beverage: Miso soup. Can I say “miso soup”? Miso soup.

Call: grandmother

Drug: weed

Sunset: Ishigaki. Part of Okinawa. Very beautiful beach.

BJ: I’m not gay but, Obama.

Ghosts: Yes [I believe], but never seen.