Last Rights

– Señor Ferran Alcaide is seriously creating.  The Spaniard director is more than just those pretty eyes.  You will be watching his stuff in the near future, if not already. Seńor Alcaide isn’t trying to save the world with his stories, he’s interested in creating feeling.  Shucking the middle-of-the-road approach to mediocrity taught in film-schools around the world, the Spanish director’s intent is to create a visceral experience on his own terms, through his own eyes.  Accolades and praise aside, the motivation is to create an experience, “good or bad, I want my audience to feel something”.

movie:  ‘Forrest Gump’

meal: a lot of pizza w/ extra mozzarella

drink: [an effeminately spirited] cocktail that will taste fucking good & still get me very fucked up

drug: LSD…wait, wait, wait…I’m going to die, right?! Heroin!

book: calvin and hobbes

tv show: Lost…er, maybe Twin Peaks

album: My Dark Twisted Beautiful Fantasy

blow job: Natalie Portman

sunset: Mars

ghosts: I don’t believe in “ghosts” in the traditional sense.  I believe in differentenergies we cannot identify or understand.

call: I hate phone calls