If you haven’t already discovered Kalen Holloman via Instagram then let me be the first to introduce you to this 34 year old photographer originally from Cali but residing in NYC.  In today’s overly saturated world of image, image, witty caption, like, like, follow, Holloman takes on more than just a photographic role adding “collage artist” to his tag line.  Now a days anyone and EVERYONE is taking photos.  Creative twist? Holloman is trickin’ his photos out with wit, comedy, and a bunch of cutouts.  Cara Delevigne’s face coupled with a topless man, the words PRADA over a mooseknuckled father and daughter on a cement fence, and some crafty placement of 70’s porn on the 9th hole… haha.  Whatever the case may be, Holloman has all eyes on him as we await what cutout he’ll use today.. Follow Kalen_Holloman on Instagram, yo!  It’s a hoot.


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